Swim England Membership Fees

SE Membership this is a one off annual payment which covers poolside insurance and affiliation to Swim England in order to train and compete.

The fee is due in full by 31 January 2024 or when you join the club.

Please read the following carefully to ensure you select the correct category of membership. If there is more than one person in your household who requires membership we ask that you do a form for each individual. Email [email protected] if you have any queries.

There are three main categories of annual club membership (Swim England have renamed the categories for 2022). 

SE Club Train (old Category One) 

This is for swimmers who are learning to swim but not competing in any open competition. It is therefore recommended for Club Squad or non-competitive masters swimmers

Cost £22.00 (ASA fee including nominal admin fee)


SE Club Compete (old Category Two)

This is for swimmers who compete in any open meets (including Level X events) and is recommended for Academy upwards

Cost £43.00 (ASA fee including nominal admin fee)


SE Club Support (old Category Three - optional but we recommend all parents to have category three membership)

This is for anyone involved in the club who isn’t covered by categories one or two, such as volunteers, coaches, officials and teachers. 

Cost £7.00 (ASA fee including nominal admin fee)


Please contact the Club Manager, Gemma Clinton, on [email protected] to arrange.