Contact Us

Contact the Club Manager 

Gemma Clinton - [email protected] 

Learn to Swim 

Jan Baldwin - [email protected] 

Lorraine Robinson (Learn to Swim Co-ordinator) - [email protected] 

Contact the Coaches 

 Amanda Booth (Director of Swimming) - [email protected] 

 Lee Baldwin (Acting Head Coach)  - [email protected] 

 Julie Dickson - [email protected] 

 Richard Pointon- [email protected] 

 Sam Madden - [email protected] 

 Shane McFarlane - [email protected] 

 Sam Redman - [email protected] 

 Michael Redpath - [email protected] 

Amelia Ayling - [email protected]

 Jack Clarke  - [email protected] 

 Katy Sexton - [email protected] 

 James Warrener - [email protected] 

 Tom Company - Strength & Conditioning Coach - [email protected]   

 Contact the Committee 

 Chair: Ryan Clay - [email protected] 

 Membership: Marieta Candal-Couto - [email protected] 

 Secretary: Georgina Scriven - [email protected] 

 Treasurer: Laura Bradley - [email protected] 

 Governance: Andrew Robinson - [email protected] 

 Contact Welfare 

 Welfare Officer: Marc Fry - [email protected]   

Other useful Contacts 

 Swim Mark Co-ordinator: [email protected]   

 Meet/competition enquiries: [email protected] 

 Officials enquiries: [email protected]